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Tick tack

Be my Friend (^-^)/)



I am back..i guess :D


It´s been a long Time since i visited my Blog. D:
So many Things had changed. I am not a Dream Dollfie Owner anymore..i lost my Interest in it :(
Kind of sad but beeing a Mom is like a Fulltime Job :D Also i guess i lost also little bit of creativity about making nice Doll Photos.

I hope i can change the Name of the Blog because i think about to making a Daily Life Blog and post everything about my Hobbys or my Daily Life, so far i have Time for it. :)

If someone read this, you are welcome here :)

I think that´s all for this Time. Have a nice Evening(wherever you are located).

Autumn 2013

Still busy with my new Job. So i am really sorry that my Blog Updates coming slowly.  My Daughter is 2 yrs old now.  Time flies really fast. We had a nice Daytrip last Weekend.  Visited a really cool Airport (Hannover)  and a beautiful Park "Herrenhäuser Gärten".
This is my Favorite Picture which i made.
The other one was a Day after.

English or German?

I wasn´t sure if i should continue this Blog.I sold all my beloved Dolls ago a while(Jun also) and started with Figures again.
Also i think about to switch the Language..from English to German,maybe its easier for me to blog.

Not sure yet.
Will think about the next Days.

See ya

Kirino from Kotobukiya

Yeah,she arrived today.

OMG she is so overcute.
And i have to say Thank you
If you live in Germany or EU,visit Figuya.
Fair Prices and cute Figures with an cute and friendly Shop Owner
Arigatou gozaimasu Jessica.

So now enjoy the few Pictures of the sweet Otaku "Kirino"
Awww i am so happy!!!

Weiterlesen... »

Beeing Busy the next Time!

I try to update my Blog as soon as i can.
But in the next Weeks/Months,i will be so busy with studying Japanese .
Hope i will have time to make Updates about FFXIII-2 and New Love Plus.
And also sharing Pictures from Jun,Nami,Lemon and Danbo.

The Weather is getting colder and colder,Day by Day.
That´s not funny anymore.
Can´t remember that we had such a frosty Winter like before.Terrible!
Even in our Apartment its soooo cold.

Btw,i´ve won a Kirino PVC Figure from Kotobukiya(at Facebook).
I screamed when i saw that i am the Winner.Never saw the Anime "Oreimo"(俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) before.maybe i should do it?
I am soooo happy and can´t wait to get her.
She will get a Special Place in my Otaku Corner.
Kirino PVC is sponsored by
A Friend of mine is Owner of this Shop.
So have a look.The Prices are fair and she is a very nice Person.
That´s it for today.
If i should recieve Kirino today,i will make another Blog Entry today..or tomorrow.


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