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Tick tack

Be my Friend (^-^)/)



A Short Introducing

Welcome to my Blog!

dunno if i will write much here..and i dunno if someone will read this. (°A°;)

Created this Blog for my beloved Dream Dollfie Dolls.
Never thought that i will own one of them someday. (^-^")

Now i have 3 of them. \(^__^)/
The First one is my one and only Natsu(Natsuko)


Started last Year to buy Step by Step the Parts.
At First her Head(DDH-02)
But needed someone who gives her a lovely Face-up.
Found someone who makes awesome Doll Face-ups.
And what should i say...she gave her an damn awesome Face (*3*)b

Loves her so much.And i like the Combination Black Hair/Blue Eyes.
I wish i could have blue Eyes..but whatever..can´t change my Eyes like a Doll xD

My Second One is Yui from K-ON!(Character head)

Bought her Head at YJ Auction.Gosh,she was one of my most expensive Dolls (T__T)
Now she is complete and i am proud and happy! ♫
Named her Yukiko..short Version "Yuki" (>^___^<)


And last but not Mini Dream Dollfie.(DDH-01)

But she is still WIP.Waiting for her customized Head with the lovely Face-up!
Hope she will arrive safely *pray* (Y__Y)
I have a Name for her..but you must wait until she is finished (^___~)


I wish i could buy more..but its hard to take all my DD´s with me for Fotoshoots. (>_>)
But i am so happy that i have a lovely Husband,who likes my Dolls and support me whenever i made Pictures of my Cuties.He know that they are very important for me *kiss*

Mata ne! (^3^)/)


Thema : anime - Genre : Anime/Manga

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Congrats on your new blog !! *hug Natsuko XP

Re: !!

Thankies <3


the fist picture with Natsu looks really pretty ^-^

thanks.. :)

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