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Tamagotchi Fever

I never thought that i will have the Tamagotchi Fever again xD
Ago 1 Years
i sold my Tamagotchi ID because i was bored.Not so many Characters and no Special Things.

But since 19th March they released Tamagotchi ID L,with so many new cute Characters.
The Cover have now sparkly Stars on the left and right side <3

You can do new Things ,and your Character can have a Pet *kawaii*
Haha i know it sounds so childish,but i fell in Love again with that sweet Electronic Egg.

But with every new Release,the Prices gettinghigher and higher (x_____X)
On there are many Sellers,but some of them want about 100$ for 1. *horrible*
I know that their Original Price on HLJ ,amiami and are about 4500 Yen.

A Friend of mine bought me a Purple One at \(^_____^)/
Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

Cant wait to get the invoice and the Shipping Notice *__*
Hope the Custom Office will not grab it. (°A°;; )

I heard that they controll now the Packages from Japan,because of the radioactivity o__O
Are they nuts or what? Thats so overacted (>__>)

awww,i am so excited about the New Tamagotchi *yay yay yay*

(like always,click on the Pic for better view) ^_^""

Mata ne !


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