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Rainy Sunday

Today Morning when i woke up and looked through the Window,i saw that we had much Rain last Night. Until midday it was cloudy. But now...rain,rain !!

Yesterday it was like Summer o__O So warm and sunny.
I´d never thought that the weather will be so bad next Day. (°A°; )
But who cares...i saw a cute Squirrel today morning.
We have much of them here. :) But they are really shy. *thank God*
How pity,we have too many People in this World who dont care about an animal. *damn you*

Hum...i looked so often on the EMS Tracking, waiting for my Tamagotchi ID L :D
A very nice Person bought me one at and shipped it out yesterday. \(^__^)/
I think its now in Germany but Custom Office dont scanned it until now.
German Custom Offices is often really slow. So its a mean thing to let customers wait for so long when they had EMS Shipping.
Snailmail!! (>__>)
I hope i will get it asap.

Mhhmm...i smell Dinner..yummy..Rice, much vegetables and mincemeat.

Have to go!


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