Location: ドイツ
Gender: 女
Birthday: 29/3/

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phewww,its hot hot hot here !!!!!

At the Moment we have 28 degrees here. *melts away*
but i have some fruits here at home...yummy yummy.

Only 8 Weeks left,then i´ll be a "mommy"
Sounds weird...and time running so fast.

So don´t be confused when my Blog have a little timeout *gomen ne*
I will try to post new things,but i cannot make a Promise.

Uhh,she´s awake belly is dancing.

I recieved some few Things for named Reiko.
I think she have the perfect Summer Outfit now..
Made ago few Days some Pics of her.

You see,she got much Attention the last Time.Hope Yuki will not getting jealous

Enjoy your Summerdays!
See ya next Time

If you want to see the Pictures in Original Size,visit my Flickr Stream.
Have not enough space to show the Pictures here in Large Size  *orz*

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ich liiiiiiebe ihr kleid und das eis sieht so echt aus das ich hunger bekomme v-10

ja das Kleid,erinnert mich so n bissl an die Sommerkleider in Animes *___* n Strohhut hab ich hier auch für sie ^-^ hihi ja das Eis sieht auf den Pics echt super aus,olles Gummieis :D

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