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Beeing Busy the next Time!

I try to update my Blog as soon as i can.
But in the next Weeks/Months,i will be so busy with studying Japanese .
Hope i will have time to make Updates about FFXIII-2 and New Love Plus.
And also sharing Pictures from Jun,Nami,Lemon and Danbo.

The Weather is getting colder and colder,Day by Day.
That´s not funny anymore.
Can´t remember that we had such a frosty Winter like before.Terrible!
Even in our Apartment its soooo cold.

Btw,i´ve won a Kirino PVC Figure from Kotobukiya(at Facebook).
I screamed when i saw that i am the Winner.Never saw the Anime "Oreimo"(俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない) before.maybe i should do it?
I am soooo happy and can´t wait to get her.
She will get a Special Place in my Otaku Corner.
Kirino PVC is sponsored by
A Friend of mine is Owner of this Shop.
So have a look.The Prices are fair and she is a very nice Person.
That´s it for today.
If i should recieve Kirino today,i will make another Blog Entry today..or tomorrow.


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