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Happy Valentines Day

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?
Alone,or maybe with a good Friend,or BF/GF?

My Husband and i celebrate this Day like in Japan.On Valentines Day ,he will get Chocolate and so from me,and on White Day(March) i will get Chocolate from him.

Yesterday i spend all my Time with Baking.
Made 2 Cakes and Blueberry Muffins.Also i bought him a DVD and his favorite Chocolate.
Also i made a little Loveletter and wrote some lines.

Decorated the table a little bit ..yes i know it looks horrible Orz
And today morning when he saw this,he was really surprised and happy.
He took the Cakes and Muffins to work,and he is away now for 2 1/2 Days.

I miss him,but on Thursday he is back.

My Time is rare..little Otaku Girl just woke up
So please enjoy the Valentines Day Pictures of Jun. Hope you have a great Day

Mata ne

Jun is also in Valentine Mood. So she took her Maid Outfit on and made a delicious Strawberry Cake.

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