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First Impressions of New Love Plus


Today a short entry about my first Impressions of New Love Plus
At first,its possible to transfer your Data from Love Plus to New Love Plus.
Thats so cool because i was afraid that i have to start with a New Manaka

To transfer your Data,you have to download the LP Tools from the Japanese E-Shop in your 3DS. You can pay per CC or a Prepaid Card from Nintendo.
Made it with CC.  Its only 200 Yen.

After that,you can put your LP Game from DS Lite/DSi into the 3DS and copy your Data to the SD Card(which is inside of the 3DS).  Then you put your New Love Plus Game into the 3DS.

That´s it..very simple.Thanks to my Friends who helped me

This is how it looks after the Transfer

At NLP ,the Girls wear the Accessoires you bought for them in LP.
Also there a many Codes you can use,to unlock new Items like,Hats,Scarfs,Gloves,Ring,Necklace etc.

The Menu is also a little bit new. But i like it.
In my Opinion,the best Features are the "Date anywhere" and you can now play Games with your Girl together or against her. Its so funny.
And you can photography her ,everytime ..ok,the most time.

Made alot of Pictures... enjoy it.

There are alot of Pics i made,but i will only show a few here.
On my flickr stream you can see the whole Picture Collection of Manaka in New Love Plus.

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