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Tick tack

Be my Friend (^-^)/)




Oh my God,i love this Anime so much.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

(Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika)

Was so glad when i saw the German DVD Release.

My Husband is the Best ,because he bought me all 3 Volumes(as a surprise).
Each Volume contains a Flyer.
When you collect all,you can send  them to the publisher and get a Collectors Box for all 3 Volumes for free.
I think thats a nice Gadget.
Waiting for mine.

Too bad that Madoka have only 12 Episodes.
But that was enough to love it.
Its not often that i like all Characters of an Anime.

So it was time to order some Merchandise.
Bought the Petit Nendoroids(thx to my Friend)
and ordered all Figmas. Homura and Mami are on the Way,also
the Special Figma "Madoka in School Uniform".
Last Week my Madoka Figma arrived.So cute.
Also the Petit Nendoroids are so beautiful.

So enjoy the Pictures.
I heard about Madoka Movies,can´t wait.

You should watch it,its such a great Anime.

My Petit Nendoroids

See you next time (^___^)/)

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