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its been a while...

since i made my last Entry!

but i am busy with work (x____X)

and i wanted to wait until the last Stuff arrived at home.

Yesterday i got my Manaka Bedsheet.Its so huge and lovely.Manaka-chan in Life Size <3
dunno but i really adore her.


i am in the Love Plus Fever.Yep,it sounds freaky because this Game is especially for lonely Male Otaku Nerds xD
But who cares..i love that Game.I can´t read/understand Japanese,but i know what my Manaka wantz xD
in 1 hr i have another Date with her. *3*
What she will wear today for an Outfit and Haircut(atm she have a Shortcut)?

I have Rinko and Nene too as my GF´s,but its hard to have 3 GF´s all the Time.
Manaka have 1st Priority :P
Together with the Game,i bought a DSi Case,with changeable Manaka Covers *om nom nom*

and i got my Otacool 3 *yaay* I am so happy,because i made it..i´m in!!
Together with Aya(Anouc) & Stary :D LOL only we 3 German Nerds made it into this Volume. xD


I hope Kotobukiya will make an Otacool Book with Dream Dollfie Owners someday (*__*)
It would be awesome!

Well,this time i uploaded my Pics per Thumbnail. (^_^)

Mata ne..must stop now..Manaka is waiting xDD

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