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My Birthday Presents i got!

Uhhhhh,so sorry that i need so long to make a new Blog Entry.
Shame on me.

Hope you all enjoy the Spring Time. Since today our weather is so damn cold again.
Wished the Weather is like the Days before....Sunny and warm.
Even on my Birthday (29th March) it was cloudy *orz*

Had Japanese Lessons at this Day.I made Blueberry Muffins for Sensei and my Classmates.They were really happy about that and enjoyed it.
Haha and Sensei told us how to write Happy Birthday in Japanese.
I really like my Teacher,she is always so funny and a very friendly Person.
Really enjoy it  when she tell us something about Japan and so.

Now we have Spring Break for 2 Weeks.So i should take some time to learn.
Was really lazy the last time.

Well,i got a very yummy Cheesecake for my Birthday,made by my Husband.

Also i got a Nintendo 3DS Game  "Project Mirai". Wanted that Game so bad.Its so totally cute.Its first time that i try a Rhythm Game. :D But it makes fun. Miku and her Vocaloid Friends are so overcute.

Also my Parents from the US  send me a Birthday Box.
It contains: Pair of Nike Shoes,and yummy smelling Shower Gel,Body Spray and Body Lotion.

My Birthday Presents from me *haha* are a Mobile Battery with Manaka Cover,and my Nene and Rinko Nendoroids.
Now my Manaka isn´t alone anymore.

Well ,thats it for today i think.

Mata ne!

New Love Plus Manaka Deluxe Limited Edition!!!!!

 ITS HERE!!!!!!!

Finally its here since yesterday.I can´t believe it.
Waited so long ,and now my awesome superduper Limited Deluxe Edition of Manaka is here.
The whole Stuff looks so awesome.

 I listed whats included

Nintendo 3DS
Manaka Takane Case
New Love Plus Game
4 Pins
1 Clearfile
2 Big Cards
Soundtrack(2 Discs)
Box with 4 Artbooks

Here you can see the Pictures.

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Happy Valentines Day

How do you celebrate Valentines Day?
Alone,or maybe with a good Friend,or BF/GF?

My Husband and i celebrate this Day like in Japan.On Valentines Day ,he will get Chocolate and so from me,and on White Day(March) i will get Chocolate from him.

Yesterday i spend all my Time with Baking.
Made 2 Cakes and Blueberry Muffins.Also i bought him a DVD and his favorite Chocolate.
Also i made a little Loveletter and wrote some lines.

Decorated the table a little bit ..yes i know it looks horrible Orz
And today morning when he saw this,he was really surprised and happy.
He took the Cakes and Muffins to work,and he is away now for 2 1/2 Days.

I miss him,but on Thursday he is back.

My Time is rare..little Otaku Girl just woke up
So please enjoy the Valentines Day Pictures of Jun. Hope you have a great Day

Mata ne

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Good Morning! Its 10:00AM and i just had my Breakfast

Thought about few Things.
And i made the decision that i want to learn Japanese Language
I wanted this since i start with my Hobby when i was a Teenager.
But i always thought its to difficult to learn.
I want to make this so i can communicate better with my Friends from Japan,and finally to understand what Manaka Takane saying to me And for sure,to make new Friends
*sigh* This will be gonna be a hard and long Training Process to understand the different Signs.
Love Japanese and i am jealous to everyone who had the strength to learn this Language and can speak it fluently now.


Made new Pictures of Jun. This is my other Goal.To train my Photo Skills

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New Love Plus (Colorful Days)

Awww this DVD is a Must Have for me

Love the 3 Girls so much,especially my Manaka-chan

Only few Weeks until 3DS Release...i can´t wait anymore

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