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Tick tack

Be my Friend (^-^)/)



Box from my Family

  Today i got the 3rd Box from my Family(from the US).
Its from my Brother and his lovely Wife.
They send it out on 13th Dec. last Year 

The other 2 Boxes from my Mum and Dad arrived already in December.
damn,i know its the fault of the Customs again

But we are glad that all things arrived safely.

Look here what we got

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The Ukraine is killing alot Cats/Dogs barbarously,only to have a Clean Image of their Country for the EM2012.Its a Shame and it pissing me off.

Look at this Video in her Blog to see what they are doing!
Don´t close your Eyes and inform other People about it.

Boycott the EM2012

Sign here please,its a Petition

and here the Article in English.
Pls don´t ignore it.

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Its Babytime!

My little Precious is born!!!!!!

One Day before the expected Birth Date
25th August at 6:10pm 

The Birth took 8 hours..damn ..too long for me xD

Welcome to this World Aimeé-Jane!


Rainbow Muffins

Ago 1 Week,i saw on a Blog a Video Tutorial(Youtube) for Rainbow Muffins.
Looked interesting,and i had exact 1 Packing "Moist Deluxe White" here at Home.

So i bought some Food Color at the Supermarket and tried it out.
Damn,it needs alot of time,to mix the whole Colors. 

Damn,i think i had them too long in the Oven The Top brokes.

After i finished them i tried a bite,uuhhhh,very sweet.
My Husband loved it.He took them to work.

I will try to find another recipe,because i haven´t Moist Deluxe here

i decorated with Sugar Hearts and Princess Lilifee icing

First Thunder and Lightning

Wohooo,today we had first heavy Rain and a little bit Thunder & Lightning :D

Hope it will be better til Friday. Because we make a Short Trip this Weekend. (^__^)

Nothing New at the Moment...Tamagotchi is in the 6th Generation and Nami is still waiting for her Clothes :D

And my Usamomo finally arrived Frankfurt Airport \(^____^)/
But its still in Customs *orz*

Mata ne


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