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Tick tack

Be my Friend (^-^)/)




We are back

It was a nice but also a stressful Vacation.

But we  enjoyed it alot.
Missed the Sea so much.
We hadn´t that much typical Summer Weather but the  was shining everyday
for few Hours

I took about 600 hundred Pictures.
TG i had my Laptop with me.So every evening i transfered
the Pictures(which i made all Day long) from my Cam to my Laptop.

But i have to say that i missed totally to take Pictures of Nami.
Thats cruel.   Poor Nami-chan.  So sorry.
Made only Pictures of Jun.
Was a little bit disappointed  that we had so much Wind
on that Day.So it was very difficult to give Jun a safe Position at the Beach.
Always afraid that she will fell.  Had to save her for few Times.

So here they are.

Have a nice Evening!

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bye bye!!! its vacation time

I will leave for Vacation from 9th June - 17th June.

Weather is really bad,so i hope it will getting better.
If not,its gonna be a worse Vacation.

We have June,and the Weather is like Autumn. 

My Girls coming with me.Maybe i have the Chance to take some Pics here and there.

Well then...see ya


Oh my God,i love this Anime so much.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

(Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika)

Was so glad when i saw the German DVD Release.

My Husband is the Best ,because he bought me all 3 Volumes(as a surprise).
Each Volume contains a Flyer.
When you collect all,you can send  them to the publisher and get a Collectors Box for all 3 Volumes for free.
I think thats a nice Gadget.
Waiting for mine.

Too bad that Madoka have only 12 Episodes.
But that was enough to love it.
Its not often that i like all Characters of an Anime.

So it was time to order some Merchandise.
Bought the Petit Nendoroids(thx to my Friend)
and ordered all Figmas. Homura and Mami are on the Way,also
the Special Figma "Madoka in School Uniform".
Last Week my Madoka Figma arrived.So cute.
Also the Petit Nendoroids are so beautiful.

So enjoy the Pictures.
I heard about Madoka Movies,can´t wait.

You should watch it,its such a great Anime.


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I am still here!

Not, i am not gone. Only busy.

So much to do,and it hurts that my Hobby got not much Attention at the Moment.
Of course,i bought new Stuff  and Photographed  it,but too busy to upload it in my Blog
Will try my best to make new Entries asap.
Pls be patient.
Thank you!

I saw that i got over 2500 Visitors
Woooow,many many thanks.
Will try to make a "Thank you" Pic soon.
I appreciate every Visitor and every nice Comment.

So,this is it for today.

Haha i think my Danbo makes the perfect Expression for how i feel atm.

My Birthday Presents i got!

Uhhhhh,so sorry that i need so long to make a new Blog Entry.
Shame on me.

Hope you all enjoy the Spring Time. Since today our weather is so damn cold again.
Wished the Weather is like the Days before....Sunny and warm.
Even on my Birthday (29th March) it was cloudy *orz*

Had Japanese Lessons at this Day.I made Blueberry Muffins for Sensei and my Classmates.They were really happy about that and enjoyed it.
Haha and Sensei told us how to write Happy Birthday in Japanese.
I really like my Teacher,she is always so funny and a very friendly Person.
Really enjoy it  when she tell us something about Japan and so.

Now we have Spring Break for 2 Weeks.So i should take some time to learn.
Was really lazy the last time.

Well,i got a very yummy Cheesecake for my Birthday,made by my Husband.

Also i got a Nintendo 3DS Game  "Project Mirai". Wanted that Game so bad.Its so totally cute.Its first time that i try a Rhythm Game. :D But it makes fun. Miku and her Vocaloid Friends are so overcute.

Also my Parents from the US  send me a Birthday Box.
It contains: Pair of Nike Shoes,and yummy smelling Shower Gel,Body Spray and Body Lotion.

My Birthday Presents from me *haha* are a Mobile Battery with Manaka Cover,and my Nene and Rinko Nendoroids.
Now my Manaka isn´t alone anymore.

Well ,thats it for today i think.

Mata ne!

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